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'My Policeman' Video Review: Harry Styles Shines In Leading Role

"My Policeman" starring Harry Styles, Emma Corrin and David Dawson has premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and puts Styles' acting chops to the test. In this spoiler-free review, CinemaBlend's Hannah Saulic and Corey Chichizola discuss the heartbreaking yet hopeful drama. Plus, buckle up Harry Styles fans, because “Don’t Worry Darling” has nothing on the sex scenes in “My Policeman.”

Video Chapters

  • 00:00 - Intro 
  • 01:10 - Harry Styles Has The Cinema 
  • 05:12 - A Profound Look At Queer History 
  • 09:52 - Steamy Sex Scenes That Serve The Story 
  • 12:24 - Final Thoughts & Star Rating
Hannah Saulic
Head of Video

Hannah (she/her) is a producer, editor, director and host covering all things movies and TV. Proud member of House Tyrell and Gryffindor. Roy Kent energy.