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Emma Watson Had A Crush On Tom Felton During The Making Of Harry Potter. Now, She Calls Him Her 'Soulmate' In Sweet Introduction

It’s no secret that Tom Felton and Emma Watson have had a close bond over the years, ever since they were children on the set of the Harry Potter films.) And they are totally adorable together.) Watson has even owned up to having had a crush on Felton during the filming of the first couple of Potter films and, now, she has gone a step further by calling him her “soulmate” in a sweet introduction.  

All evidence points to the two stars having a very deep friendship, though their characters may be the inspiration for many enemies-to-lovers fan fictions. Emma Watson spelled out just how connected the two stars are in the introduction to Tom Felton’s new book Beyond The Wand, where she called the first-time author her soulmate. You can check out the full introduction in the Instagram post below:

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Fans are absolutely loving the sentiment shared by the Hermione Granger icon, and they are living for how tight her relationship is with her former co-star. Some fans are even claiming to have cried reading the introduction, and others aren’t fully convinced that their relationship has always been totally platonic, saying that the actress isn’t exactly out-right denying a drunken make-out session or two. 

While that may be true, the two have a history of simple friendship. Tom Felton doesn’t shy away from sharing throwbacks to special memories between the two of them, and even new moments of them getting together in more recent times. You can check out one of these post-Harry Potter memories in the Instagram post below, in which Felton looks to be teaching Emma Watson how to play the guitar:

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The two definitely look cozy, and the Draco Malfoy actor's simple caption is seemingly vague on their relationship but, at least for now, he and his friend seem to share a mutual respect and platonic love for each other. Though, of course, if the stars happen to align in the future, maybe we could potentially see a romantic match between the two Harry Potter stars – though. But it is worth noting that Emma Watson is currently in a serious and committed relationship with her long-term boyfriend. 

Still, the two practically grew up together, as a result of them both having substantial roles in the Harry Potter franchise and interacting for a decade on set. It’s only natural that fans would ship them, and Tom Felton has responded to claims that the two have been romantically involved. In doing so, he explained that the two have a deep, profound relationship and he cares for the actress deeply. And that relationship will surely last for years to come.

Tom Felton’s book, featuring Emma Watson’s loving introduction, is set to be released in just a few short weeks on October 13th. Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard is a behind-the-scenes look at what it was like growing up on set of Harry Potter (and is also Felton’s first memoir). I wouldn’t be surprised if there's a bit of insight into the the history and relationship between Felton and Watson, too. In the meantime, you can also stream all eight films in the series with a Peacock subscription.

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